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hello my name is... campaign

#Hello my name is…

The “#hello my name is…” campaign is definitely gaining momentum within the healthcare profession in the UK. Credit to Dr Kate Granger who started the campaign to encourage and remind healthcare staff about the importance of introductions in the delivery of care.

Dr Granger, 31, has terminal cancer and has made it her mission to get as many members of NHS staff as possible, pledging to introduce themselves to their patients.

Dr Kate Granger hello my name is... campaign

The “#Hello my name is….” campaign was born after Dr Kate Granger became frustrated with the number of staff who failed to introduce themselves to her when she was an inpatient in 2014. The campaign has gone from strength to strength originally through Social Media before the National Press ran with the story. The campaign has been so successful that it is now backed by the likes of David Cameron, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, Bob Geldof, Chief Nursing Officer Jane Cummings and above all the NHS Staff themselves.

WHAT IS THE #hellomynameis... CAMPAIGN?

Like all good ideas the #hellomynameis... campaign is a simple but effective one, NHS staff regardless of their role pledging to introduce themselves to their patients and visitors. This small gesture of introducing yourself is the first step to building a connection with the patient and goes a long way to putting patients at ease and making  them feel relaxed.

Over 400,000 Healthcare professionals have already pledged their support accross over 90 organisations including NHS Trusts accross England, NHS Scotland and NHS Wales.



I have often heard over the years people ask “Why would I need to wear a name badge? It is irrelevant to me doing my job” Now this is all well and good; however the purpose of a name badge is not to remind the person wearing the badge, what their name is or what their job description is, but to communicate to other people who this person is and what they do.

If we look at the NHS and Healthcare professionals, the patient finds themselves in a strange environment they feel very vulnerable and sometimes lonely. Staff are constantly changing throughout the day & night or different Care Workers are turning up at elderly people’s homes, add patients with Alzheimer’s or dementia and suddenly the idea of a name badge seems logical.

Wear your name badge in plain view

Healthcare professionals probably know everything about a patient but patients know little about the Nurse, Doctor or Healthcare worker who is attending them. Patients simply want to know that someone is going to take care of them with warmth, kindness and compassion and not to feel that they are just a number or a job on a rota.

One perception from a patients point of view is that those employees who wear their badges in view and who do introduce themselves before performing tasks are perceived to be exhibiting more care and concern compared to those who don’t introduce themselves or even take the time to make eye contact with the patient. These Healthcare workers were perceived as uncaring, as if they were simply fulfilling the required duties of their job.

By introducing yourself you are starting to build a personal connection between you and the patient. Another benefit of introducing yourself is it allows you to concentrate on the present moment. I wonder how many people are still thinking about the last patient or the next patient when they should be focusing on the present! If you are more focused on the present patient you will be able to hear the patient and respond accordingly.

Patient satisfaction is driven by personal connections and relationships. By introducing yourself, you’re beginning the connection process and patients are more likely to feel like you care about them. When patients know you care, they get better. And isn’t that what every healthcare professional strives so hard toward?”

Barbara Khozam


Black Badge with the hello my name is... logo


One of the most common problems is staff not wearing their badge correctly. Your name badge should be should be positioned so that it can actually be read by the patient, ideally fitted high up on the chest and not hanging down by their naval. A common problem with staff using a lanyard badge is that they tend to twist and face inwards, hiding the name as a result, making the whole purpose of the name badge, irrelevant!

There is an inexpensive solution to alleviate this problem, try contacting your badge supplier and ask if they stock self-adhesive pins or self-adhesive magnet fasteners to allow you to convert your lanyard badge or contact us for free advice and solutions to improve your badge to suit you and the patient's needs.


  • Design- Look at the design of your badge, can the name be viewed from at least a meter away. Is the Company logo all the patient sees instead of the name and job description?
  • Fonts-are they clear and readable and large enough to read.
  • In view- Is your badge in a prominent position so that it can be easily seen?

I hope that you have found this article of interest and the points I have highlighted help you think about your name badge designs. Last of all I would like to wish Dr Kate Granger all the best in her #Hello my name is… campaign, a most worthy campaign i'm sure you will agree.

To follow Kate and her campaign, go to Twitter @GrangerKate or vist the website: You can also read Kates Blog page


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